I don't know if Gotham City can handle me yet. I guess this city is used to crazy by now, what's one more to add to the list? I'm just trying to stay strong, but its hard when your enemy is your own mind.

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Are you good or are you evil?

depends on who is in the captain’s chair my friend.


Ready to party, who’s going to join?

you never know what might happen……

Kristi’s back, who’s ready to play? 

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Anyone want to RP?

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Kristi walked along the streets of Gotham, from the outside the city looked like any other, but secrets were hidden here. Villains and Heroes are on the police’s wanted list underneath the mob. Danger was everywhere in the city, people tried to hang on to any light, any good that will bury the evil. But the thing about evil is, it is hard to defeat completely. Gotham , a city consumed by darkness. 

Her heels clicked along the sidewalk as she walked briskly, the blurred faces of her fellow gothamites passed her by, her messenger bag bumped against her hip with each step she took. Kristi was on her way to the library, she had overdue books to return, forgotten among all the  assignments of a university student. Her phone began to ring, a violin played softly , she almost didn’t hear it but vibrate saved her. Just as she pulled it out, it got knocked out of her hand by a passerby, she bent to pick up her now cracked cell phone.

"Great, just what I needed"

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that was FAST 10/10 would recommend 


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24 Hour Magic Anons
Afraid of Your Own Shadow: Muse is unnaturally skittish and afraid of everything around them.
What Are You, Chicken?: Muse gets the chicken pox. Anon decides if there are any magical side effects.
Man Overboard!: Muse develops an intense fear of water.
Feeling Guilty: Muse is convinced they are wanted for a crime they have commited. Anon can decide what the crime was.
?yako uoy erA: Muse is cursed to speak backwards.
Happy Days: Muse is forced to keep a permanent smile.
Do Not Pass Go: Muse is put in a small prison without escape or bail.
All About the Money: Muse becomes obsessed with money and refuses to spend any of it.
My Big Day: Muse believes they are to be wed to the person of anon's choice.
I'm Melting!: Muse cannot stop bleeding from the mouth, nose, or eyes (anon's choice). Muse cannot pass out from blood loss.
Holy Halo: Muse is dressed like an angel and can float.
The Living Dead: Muse dies and becomes a living corpse. Comes back to life when time is up.
S-S-Stop!: Muse develops a bad stutter.
The Invisible Man: Muse's body becomes invisible; this does not apply to clothing.
Thou Wretched Fool!: Muse believes they are a medieval knight.
Poet In Hiding: Muse can only speak in rhyme.
Awkward Stage: Muse becomes a teenager. If Muse is already a teenager, they become an adult.
The Reaper Crys!: Muse becomes obsessed with death. Anon decides if it is another Muse's death or their own.
Frozen to the Core: Muse becomes extremely cold natured and seeks any form of warmth.
Shut the Blinds: Muse becomes allergic to the sun.